Phoenix Beauty School

Courses & Workshops

At Phoenix we are enthusiastic about our industry and love creating makeup masterpieces. We take training seriously and teach with a very hands-on approach.

Our makeup course has been designed by Phoenix Renata the Phoenix Cosmetics founder specifically to provide students with the correct modernised skills, knowledge, industry protocol information, and confidence to succeed as a make-up artist.

Near the end of the course each student will sit a creative makeup exam to ensure they are at a high level of artistry in order to complete the course. A huge emphasis is put on tutor demonstrations and visual stimulation.

By completing our curriculum, you will achieve a high sense of confidence and competency. Our course is tailored to provide all of the knowledge necessary to become a highly qualified and skilled makeup artist.

Full-Time Make-up Course

Our full-time make-up course is a 16 week, 4 day a week course resulting in a Phoenix Makeup Diploma on completion.

Part-Time Make-up Course

Our part-time make-up course consists of 3 hour lessons one night a week for 8 weeks.

We provide a Beginners, Advanced and Senior intake. This gives students the opportunity to advance to the next level of artistry and finish with a Makeup Diploma at the end of all 3 intakes.


All workshops are 3 hours long. We hold seasonal workshops on the following subjects:

Eyelash Extensions

How to apply eyelash extensions and retail the service in your salon

Advance Me

Advanced Skills for Makeup Artists:

  • Colour Theory
  • Fashion Techniques
  • Photographic Print
  • Make-up Accessories
  • Avant Garde

Up Skill

A workshop designed for Beauty therapists, Hairdressers or salon workers who wish to learn more about make-up artistry

  • Foundation & Brush Technique
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Sales
  • Corrective make-up and basic colour Theory
  • Lash application
  • Makeup-Skills

DIY Make-up

A workshop designed for women who want to their own makeup at a professional level, and wish to know more about application techniques, makeup styles, product and colour choices.

  • Smokey Eyes
  • Colour Choice
  • Brush technique
  • Styles to suit